In one of the few Shadowrun games I’ve actually played in, the perhaps-overly-ambitious GM let us generate characters from whatever system we liked, and he’d roll it into the campaign. (He was running Harlequin’s Back, and if ever there was a Shadowrun campaign that was open for cross-setting weirdness, it was that one.) It being the last nineties, and being a huge fan of the old White Wolf World of Darkness (the first one) Changeling game, I put together a pooka party animal (literally).

While the campaign never finished, I discovered that the Changeling setting worked surprisingly well when mapped into the 6th World – resurgent magic, fighting the corruption of a cynical world, nightmares in the darkness…it all worked. In my various campaigns, I’ve always given my players an option to make a Changeling shadowrunner – some brave souls have even agreed to try it. Which has forced me to write rules to make it work, and give an updated history of Changeling. This is my take on said rules, along with a writeup of The County of the Four Season, to go with my Shadows of DFW 2080 writeup. Hooks for my (current) campaign are fairly obvious.

The rules are (obviously) not particularly rigorous, or complete. My games tend to be relatively free-form anyway, so I haven’t felt the need to get too in-depth. But it covers the basics.

The County of the Four Seasons writeup relies heavily (entirely) on a fantastic Changeling LARP that ran in the DFW area back in the early 2000s. (Yes, I am a recovering LARPer.) I can’t remember the names of the people who ran that game – they were awesome, their LARP was awesome, they moved to Austin years ago, and I’ve completely lost track of them.  Even though I can’t remember the player’s names, the characters in that game have lived in my head ever since. Many of the fae described are characters that the refs and players created – I can take no credit for them.

(The Numbers file that is the source of the GM screen pages is in the GM Resources section.)