I put together a number of templates for doing different documents, using some of the basic template graphics used in the official stuff (pulled from the PDFs. I find that such touches help keep the players engaged, but perhaps I am deluding myself.

In any case, here are some of the templates that I’ve put together. These are all originally in Apple’s Pages app. I’m posting Word exports, but they may not be perfect.

3×5 Card Handout – Double-Sided

This is for handouts to the players, when I can prepare them beforehand. For use with the Avery 5388 template, with a printer that supports duplex (front-and-back) printing.

3×5 Card Handout – Single-Sided

As the previous, just for single-sided use.

Screamsheet Template

This is the template for the screamsheets.

Full Template

This template echoes the “standard” template used in the 6th edition books. It’s not perfect, but generally looks correct.

Handout Template

This template is the “full” template, but with the cover page and side panels removed. I use it for “in-game” handouts. It’s a 2-column setup, but can easily be shifted to 1-column. The 2-column is good to break up “wall of text” things, while the 1-column is good if there’s a lot of whitespace.

Online Card Handout Template

This is for doing 3×5 cards, but online. Running sessions online (Shadowrun in a time of Corona), the 3×5 cards didn’t work – too small, and couldn’t separate them easily when printing to PDF. This is my fix – a landscape template for doing virtual handouts.