This is for the various things I’ve put together for running my games, and that other GMs might find useful.

3×5 Cards

Grunt cards from SR6.

I like to use 3×5 cards for reference during games – stat blocks, pictures, etc. These have largely been replaced by the SR 6 Combat Tool app, but you might find them useful.

These were put together in macOS Numbers, and are designed to be printed on Avery’s 5388 index card templates. Alignment can be tricky, and printers tend to have a fair amount of variation, so you may need to tinker a bit to get things to line up correctly.


I’ve had a number of players that were contact junkies, which was quite easy to do in the first couple of editions of Shadowrun. I actively encourage it in my players, as writing contacts is one of the more enjoyable parts of character creation for a GM.

GM Screen

The SR6 GM screen quite nice, and I love the landscape layout. But it just doesn’t have all the information on it that I need. So I’ve put together my own GM screen. Print it, trim it, tape it, done.

House Rules

My house-rules list has gotten a bit long over the years, but you might find some useful bits.


I use fake news-faxes to help convey setting events, plot related items, and general “shadowrun flavor” to my players.


I put together a number of templates for doing different documents, using some of the basic template graphics used in the official stuff. I’m posting them here for you to use.