Dallas skyline.The real Dallas-Fort-Worth Metroplex is one of the largest in the country (the 4th largest, by Wikipedia), but it hasn’t really had any Shadowrun love since the (very) old Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to North America. Having lived in the DFW area for most of the last 20-odd (very odd) years, and where I run most of my games, it is my setting of choice. Over the years, I’ve updated my writeup as the in-game history has progressed, and through four editions of the game (as of this writing). There are general plot hooks scattered throughout, and some specific hooks for my current campaign, but nothing so overt that it can’t be used.


The primary sources for this document are:

  • The Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to North America – (2050) – This book had 17 whole pages of info on DFW. I’ve tried to keep things more-or-less in-line with that book, but as a writeup, it’s showing its age.
  • Shadows of North America – (2062) – This 3rd edition sourcebook had a writeup on CAS, with a few paragraphs on DFW. Mostly used for the political situation, which is somewhat out-of-date.
  • 6th World Almanac – (2072) – This 4th edition book (one of that edition’s best setting resources) gives a paragraph or so to DFW. Used the overall CAS political situation, and is the inspiration for making Saeder-Krupp such a heavy influence.
  • Neo-Anarchist’s Streetpedia – (2080) – The biggest writeup on DFW in nearly thirty years…and it’s three paragraphs. I’ve updated the writeup to match, but may have missed something.

I haven’t played in the SR Missions campaigns, and I haven’t read all of the novels, so if there is anything “canon” in those relating to DFW, I’ve missed it.

Deviations from Canon

I’ve stuck to canon where possible, and mostly added stuff in, rather than contradicted established “facts”. The most notable deviations (that I can recall) are:

  • Saeder-Krupp’s North American Headquarters – I’ve made SK’s HQ for North America. This is to make the corporate situation more interesting, and give plot hooks to those that have any interest.
  • Refugee Camps – The refugee situation is an element indirectly touched on, but I figured would make a good explanation for a Barrens-like location or two.
  • Renraku Arcology Project 4 – Renraku has an arcology in Denton, which after a decade or more of delay, has finally been completed. Added because DFW needed an Arcology, and it served as the seen of more than a few runs over the years. More of an addition than a deviation, but significant enough to need to be mentioned here.

Shadow Commentary

In keeping with the long-standing Shadowrun tradition of having shadowrunners providing comments and discussion, my writeup has it’s own set of commenters. Some of them are characters in my previous campaigns, so they have a distinct personality.

  • Ain’t Tellin’ – A professional runner. Very mercenary, with no ideals beyond getting paid. (Ork, Male)
  • Anonymous Coward – A long-time shadowrunner that hung up his spurs a few years ago. Keeps their nose in the game to keep themself busy. (?, ?)
  • Foxdale – A hermetic mage that has spent several decades in the shadows. Was once an idealist, but most of that idealism has been crushed by life in the shadows. (Elf, Female)
  • MEESA – All snark and sarcasm. (Dwarf, Male)
  • Nocrimo – An upper-crust socialite, that does some decking on the side as a form of social activism. (Elf, Female)
  • Pyrwatcher – An anti-Aztlaner activist, with a political bent. (Human?, Male?)
  • Raven – A new-age spiritualist technomancer. Between communing with the digital spirits, some nasty encounters will black IC (digital demons), and some recreational pharmaceuticals, Raven isn’t all that coherent, but he does have insights from time to time. – (Human, Male)
  • SithDog2057 – An activist for metahuman (trog) rights, with a sarcastic streak. Not quite as mercenary as Ain’t Tellin’. (Troll, Male)
  • Techm0nkey – A decker and tech-head, and an out-an-out anarchist. A troublemaker and a vandal. (?, ?)
  • Youarebeingliedto – A conspiracy buff. Not quite as credulous as Plan 9, but in the same ballpark. (?, ?)
  • (In)sanity – A debunker and a self-proclaimed “realist”. The counterweight to Youarebeingliedto. (?, ?)
  • Whitehat – A neo-anarchist idealist, trying to make the world a better place…as much as they can from the shadows. Which isn’t much, but they are at least still trying. (?, ?)

Feedback & Suggestions

Hopefully this will be useful to other GMs out there in the DFW area. (Let me play in your game, please!) If you have any ideas, suggestions, corrections (like where I flagrantly missed something in canon), please let me know.