Resources for Shadowrun, handy tools for GMs, and more.

Blackjack’s Shadowrun Page

One of the old-guard, going back at least 25 years. He went fallow for a long time, but he started posting again last year. To my great pleasure and relief. His NPC writeups inspired me, and he’s got hundreds of them. His list of Street Names, Handles, etc. are a handy resource when you need to come up with stuff fast.

Catalyst Game Labs

The people that (currently) publish official Shadowrun stuff (in English at least).

Fake Person Generator

A tool for security researchers (allegedly), this can generate an entire persona in one click. A wonderful resource for GMs, when you need an NPC on short notice. Generate, adjust the birthdate by 60 years, adjust the birthplace for what’s happened to North America, and done.

Some domains filter this out by default (Facebook deletes any post that has the URL in it), so I’m going to use a tiny URL for this.

Fantasy Name Generator

A handy place for generating random names, specific to a culture, setting or environment. For when the Fake Person Generator isn’t giving you names that work.

Image Glitch Tool

This is a handy little script when generating handouts. You feed it a picture, and it distorts it to look like the source file is corrupted.

Shadowrun Sixth World

The official website for Shadowrun 6th Edition. Updates a little bit more frequently than the main Shadowrun RPG site.

Shadowrun Table Top

Catalyst’s official Shadowrun RPG site. Doesn’t update often, but you can find some resources here, and product announcements.

Shadowrun Wiki

A handy resource to lookup various aspects of the setting and lore. Can’t remember who Saeletra is? Look it up here.