Runner Smurf

Obligatory Bio

I’m what now counts as an old hand at Shadowrun. When Shadowrun first came out, I was a skeptical teenage D&D player. Then I played in a Shadowrun tournament at DragonCon in the early 90s. I knew as much about the setting as a friend of mine could tell me in 30 minutes, and even less about the rules. We blew up the Space Needle (accidentally), most of the team died, and I was hooked. I’ve been running SR games pretty much ever since. I’d play, if only I could find a table with room for me. Once upon a time, I tooled around on Dumpshock as Runner Smurf, but it’s been ages.

I’ve put together a website before for my various SR-related stuff, only to have it wiped when I wasn’t paying attention. Hope to do better this time, and give something back to the SR community. At least that way I can maybe justify the amount of energy I put into my SR campaigns.

And that’s enough about me.